King Arthur

Subject: Legend

Informant: Michael was born and raised in London. His father is British and his mother is American, hence he was exposed to both cultures growing up. He currently studies Health Promotion in Los Angeles and is the captain of the universities’ rugby team. Michael is also the president of his fraternity at the university.

Original Script: King Arthur was a legendary leader in Britain. He built his powerful sword – Excalibur – from stone and became the chosen king. He surrounded himself with great leaders such as Merlin the magician and Sir Lancelot. He was most famous for his round table, which was considered very anti-religious at the time. He had the round table because he always thought that he was an equal to his advisors. Therefore, he did not want to rule from the top, and instead opted to be a king that listened to those he ruled and cooperated with everyone to become a powerful leader.

Background information by informant: King Arthur was probably one of the most legendary figures in British history and became a prominent part of British culture.

Thoughts: Folklore legends can establish positive ideas into a community and bring them closer to their history and roots.