Knights Ferry Covered Bridge

  1. “There’s a legend that if you try to cross the bridge in Knight’s Ferry in the middle of the night the ghost of the guy who built the thing would come out and try to haunt you. People think it’s impossible to cross it in the middle of the night because of this guy”
  • She knows this piece and finds it compelling because Knight’s Ferry is a common daytime hang out place for many locals
  • She learned it, however, from her more daring friends who go out and look for thrills nearby, similar to their efforts to go and find haunted places.
  • Context of performance: we were just talking about things we should have tried before we graduated from high school and different little things that our fellow students believed in in the area
  • I’m not usually inclined to believe in Ghost stories due to the fact that I simply don’t believe in ghosts. However, I do believe people might have experienced something scary enough to keep them from crossing the bridge in full. I also, however, completely believe that some jokester high school student made it up to make life exciting for the town the performer and I are from is small and makes it difficult to entertain yourself. I’d be more inclined to believe it if there were more individuals who could attest to something having happened to them when they tried to cross the bridge as well.