Korean Cinderella

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is SH.

QB: Alright! Do you have anymore that you can remember?

SH: Yeah, there’s like a Korean Cinderella and its called “kunji patel” and its about these two girls and its exactly what you think when you think of Cinderella. The mother passes away and Kunji’s mom dies and she goes to the river to talk to her mom often. But her dad marries this horrible step mother and her step sister. And her step sister is just horrible to her and um Kunji is obviously very sweet. And she will go to the river to cry to her mom, and her mom gives her strength. And then she ends up going back to heaven with her mom.

Analysis: While it shares many traits with the popular Disney Cinderella, it takes a different route at the end. There are obvious symbolic messages as Kunji goes to the river, but the story also seems to show the importance of a girl and her mother’s relationship as the ending might suggest it was better for her to go than to stay.