Evan is from Seattle, Washington but is in a family that loves to practice the traditions of their Norwegian roots at home.


Evan: “Krumkaka is a cookie similar to, like, a pancake, but has a little bit of a rougher consistency. So you first flatten the dough out and put it in a frier, or however you want to cook it, but you don’t let it get too hard yet. Then you take it out and like roll it out with a special cone that leaves an imprint or design in it. Then you cook it a little more to however hard or soft you want the cookie.”


Evan says that this dish is always brought out on special occasions as a surprise dessert.

My Thoughts:

Cookies are my favorite dessert and pancakes are my favorite breakfast, so this dish sounds amazing to me. I am definitely going to try making it myself soon because a mixture of two of my favorite foods sounds like heaven to me!