Kyle, the ghost of Suite 602



first Kyle like started out as a joke but just because like lights would flicker . me and Danielle my roommate,  we’re like oh that’s weird to me look down and it looks like someone had unplugged the lamp like I don’t know how that could happen that That’s weird so we’re like that shouldn’t have happened they think the next day I was standing in the common room and we heard the where repeat like the clean dish We heard the forks move like how could that have happened that was weird and then I don’t know One night after we had named it kylie  after the Vine sully my roommate had her phone out our roommate and it glitched out and started playing the vine that we named Kyle after which was very creepy. I know that one time when someone was alone they heard doors opening but no one was in the suite we never saw a presence  or heard anything but the way that things were moving and happening really seem like there was someone here.

Me: The environment we live in is a dormitory in people have lived here before so maybe do you think that that is why you think it is a ghost?

Informant : Yeah maybe there used to be a girl that died in this suite or they brought a ghost in. We actually got someone to put holy water around so we could bless it.


Background info

The informant explained how it brought the suite together in weird way because all of them shared experiences with kyle. This ghost means a lot to them because they created his name together with the vine. It was actually just a joke at first but then weird things started happening


My thoughts:

I think this ghost really did bring the suite together in a way and it was sort of a made up feeling of being in a new place. No ghost would actually be their if it wasn’t for the suitemates who made it up.  The idea that they are freshman and moved into a new suite would help them create this legend together because they were getting used to living together in such a new environment like a dormitory.