Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The following informant is an 8th grader. In this account she is explaining what the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge is. This is a transcription of our conversation, she is identified as SA and I am identified as K:

K: So what is the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge?

SA: its when you get like a shot glass and put it over both of your lips and suck in and then you pull it off and you have huge lips. I tried it and it turned my lips purple tinted

K: Ouch! How did the challenge start?

SA: Kylie Jenner did not start it… but like at the time, everyone was focusing on her and saw how she went from small lips to big lips, but she claimed she never got injections so people wanted her big lips and some person found a way to do that and it eventually found the challenge and put her name on it

K: So who exactly participated in this challenge?

SA: A lot of young girls tried it, especially Kylie Jenner fans. It felt kind of weird but also cool. Oh but also I know some people their like lips burst! Like started bleeding and everything.

K: Wait, if it hurt then why did people participate?

SA: Well because they probably wanted to try it and you can post pictures and videos of you trying it on Instagram

Context: She told me this while at my house one weekend


Doing something you know might hurt you out of pure curiosity and not wanting to be left out is what I think makes challenges so attractive to people. I mean obviously you can severely damage your lips doing this challenge, but it was still immensely popular.