La Gerona


Once a woman had two children. She was married but her husband left her for another woman. Afterwards, she kept crying. At one point, she could no longer take care of herself or her children, and instead wanted to take out her frustration on the children and drowns them in a river. Then, she drowns herself after finding out what she had done. Now, she roams around the river at midnight and you can see her spirit saying “Donde estas mi sijos?” (“Where are my children?”). If she finds a child, then she will take them and drown them.


My informant says this is like the boogeyman for Latin-American children so that they don’t stay up late since anything could happen to them late at night. It also says to show respect to elders or they could do horrible things to them. I agree with this story in that it serves as a warning for children to behave or else there will be consequences.