La Llorona

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is AM.

QB: So do you have any folklore stories that you learned while you were younger?

AM: Yeah. So I’m from Mexico and we have this story called La Llorona, which means “The Crier, and basically the tales goes…there’s this lady who had some children and she was like crazy. And so she got them…she put them all in her car and she drove into the lake and they all died so she regretted it. And now legend says she…like…walks around with this crazy wet hair and cries out for her children because she wants to find them and say sorry.

Analysis: Compared to the many “La Llorona” stories studied within the ANTH 333 class, this one differs due to the fact that it is more focused on La Llorona herself. The student never mentioned the fact that children would be taken in the night, but was only told the story at face value and only believes that their is a lady looking for her children. It is interesting to note that the story is still told for children to fear, but not for being taken.