Lady in White

Lady in White

Personal Background:

Sydney is a sophomore at the University of Southern California and is studying Environmental Science. She lives in Los Angeles right now, but is originally from Chicago. Living in big cities has been great since she has been able to be around so much diversity with the schools she has gone to.


Sydney says she has one story she always tells when people ask for ghost stories, although this is more of a legend. It is called the Lady in White.

“There is a woman who is dressed all in white, because she is a ghost. She tries to seduce men who are driving alone at night. She stays off to the side of the road dressed in a white dress, and when the men who are alone pull over to talk to her, she kills them. She would do this late at night, and usually on older country roads. She did this because she was killed by a man in a car, so she is getting her revenge.”

Sydney says she heard about this story when she was about 10 from TV, though she does not remember the show. It was something she was never afraid of since she was not a single man. It was just not a story she was able to relate to, which made it more fun to be able to tell the story. She does not believe to be real anyway, so it was more of a fun story she was able to tell her friends.


This is a ghost story that also has legendary aspects. The original story about how the woman was killed in a car sounds as if that could possibly be real. A woman who is killing men that are driving alone does not sound like something that is impossible either.

To me, this sounds like a story that is made for kids to tell during campfire. It is simple enough to remeber, and it is a way the girls are able to scare the boys. The title is so generic, it could be any woman who is dressed in white.