Lamb Cake

  1. “For Easter my mom has to make a lamb cake every year because it’s what my Grandma wants her to do. It’s a tradition that the Monge women have to make a lamb cake every Easter and it’s one of those things you have to do cuz your mother-in-law makes you do it and it’s the ugliest thing ever and my mom agrees but she still does it… I won’t have to do it because I’ll have a different married name. It’s only if you marry into the family.”
  2. This is an example of a tradition solely because it’s a  tradition, while disliked by those who participate. Apparently no one in my friend’s family enjoys the lamb cake, but the grandmother bullies her daughter-in-law into making it every year because it’s a their traditional cultural foodway for Easter. It probably has something to do with Jesus Christ being known as the “lamb of God” or the sacrifice that saved humanity from sin. It also might have to do with fertility.