The Legend of Alcobaca is about King Alfanso of Portugal, and his son Dom Pedro. Dom Pedro for political reasons was to marry a girl that had a nurse maid. Dom Pedro was to have nothing to do with the nurse maid, but one thing lead to another and much to his father’s chagrin, Dom Pedro fell in love with Ines, rather than waiting for the baby to come of age for the political marriage to take place. So, Dom Pedro’s father was very upset by this, but being his father didn’t want to be to harsh with him, but his advisors suggested long and hard that he get rid of the women Ines. So, Ines was put to death by the followers of king Alfanso, much to the chagrin of Dom Pedro. For years and years Dom Pedro and his father did battle, with Dom Pedro trying to wrestle the throne away from Alfanso. Ultimately his father passed away and Dom Pedro became king and at that point he gave orders that the body of Ines be exhumed, and brought forth in a coronation ceremony, in which the new magistrates and leaders of the kingdom would have to kiss the decomposing hand of the dead queen. Not only that but those that were responsible for Ines’s death were brought before Dom Pedro, and they were murdered in a gruesome fashion: their hearts were torn out and shown to them.

This tale was told to Michael at a concert. He was there to watch a performance of wind ensemble music, and the director told a story of a tale that the piece of music was suppose to be written about. Michael believes that the story is representative of how true love will conquer all. He believes this is evident in the fact that those who performed a wrong eventually met their end in a gruesome way.

As I think about this piece I find that it is wrought with many factors of the true power of love, but it is also very important to know why this legend may have survived. I believe part of the reason that the legend survived is the fact that the kingdom of King Alfonso seems to embrace his son’s take over of the kingdom. They seem to be ok with the fact that Alfonso and his staff were eventually all killed. I think that part of the reason people like this legend is because the little guy who follows his heart ultimately defeats the tyrannical reign of King Alfonso.

Another thought that Michael had was that this story might be more popular with teens, for they are more likely to be in a relationship which their parents do not agree with. I believe this is true, and that this legend gives teens hope that everything will work out as long as they are truly in love with someone else.