Legend – El Salvador

La leyenda dice que cerca de los rios, aparecia una mujer con un pelo muy largo y grandes pechos. Bien chichuda. Esta mujer se tiraba carcajadas, se reia constantemente. El proposito de ella es asustar a los hombres y las mujeres. Pero lo mas importante de ella es que atraia los hombres, solteros y casados, porque se miraba muy

hermosa. La persona que se la acercaba y la tocaba, se volvia loca. La gente salia corriendo cuando oian la risa.

Legend says that near the rivers, a woman would appear with long hair and big breast. She had huge boobs. This woman would laugh constantly. Her main purpose was to scare men and women. But, the most important trait of hers was that she attracted men, single and married, by her beauty. The person that would get close to her and touch her would become crazy. People would run away when they heard the laughter

My mom told me that she learned this legend from his parents when she was about 8 years old. She told me that this legend is very common and that most kids learn it from their parents. Parents would tell them the legend because they really believe she exists and also they did not wanted their kids becoming insane because they went near La Siguanaba. She used to live in a town in El Salvador called Cuscatancingo and there is a river near the town. She told me that she also believes that La Siguanaba exist although she has never witness her in person. She has heard stories of her friends or relatives that have seen her. One of her friend’s uncles was mentally ill and they blamed la Siguanaba. She told me that before, the uncle was a normal guy and one day he became insane when he was by the river. She is certain that La Siguanaba exist.

I believe that this is just a made up character and she does not actually exist. She is made to be very beautiful in order to attract the male sex mostly. I think that there is a lesson here although not many people noticed they are applying it. The legend says that she attracts males and that if they come close to her, they become insane. The lesson portrayed here is that men tend to be attracted to beautiful woman but they should beware and not get close just because she is pretty, she can turn out to be harm in life. Also, if the person is married, that would assume that he could be a potential cheater and that is bad to cheat. I believe that she is laughing constantly to portrayed that cheating first seem to be a happy and exciting life, but it could in fact lead to disaster. I have heard other versions of the story and she appears to always be wearing white or light colors. I believe wearing the light colors make more impact as she is assumed to be by the river and is bathing and men could see through her dress, attracting them more to get close to her. I think this legend is told for many reasons. First of all, it is very interesting. Secondly, it was a method for protecting children from danger by telling them no to be careful when they are buy the river. And Lastly, I believe it is told to scare men out of cheating. Although it is a very interesting legend I still believe that she does not exists.