Legend – El Salvadorean

Legend – Siguanaba

La Siguanaba always comes near a river because she drowned her kids in the river. So that like everytime… like its always near the river and that if it appears… like it always appears mainly to men and that sometimes it has the face of a horse or something… like that appears to be a beautiful woman from far away and that if she touches you, you go crazy.

Silvia first heard this story as a little girl, maybe 5 years old, from her father. says that the Siguanaba is El Salvador’s la Llorona. She goes on to say that they are the same concept except that the Siguanaba’s face is that of a horse. She also mentioned that many legends from El Salvador are for some reason always near the water.

La Siguanaba literally means the hideous woman. After doing some research, she is suppose to appear beautiful from far to men and then when they get close and she has them in an isolated place.

She is said to always be near the water most likely because El Salvador is covered by water on one entire side. And since it is a very small country, it makes sense that the legend takes place near the water.


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