Legend – Vietnamese

informant’s parents would usually tell their children a story, fairy tale, or legend.  On one of those occasions, my informant’s parents told him the legend of King Le Lot’s Sacred Sword.  My informant also heard this legend while in grade school from his teacher.  Most people in Vietnam use this legend to tell the story of the capital.  In the Vietnamese culture, many stories and legends are used to teach children and students the history of Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese legends use animals to represent gods.  In this legend a turtle represents the lake’s god.  Compared to other culture’s legends and myths, like Greek legends, gods are represented with humans.  For example, in Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the water.  He controls the way the water moves.  In this Vietnamese legend, a turtle replaces Poseidon.  The turtle controls the way the water moves and flows.

Many cultures as well as Vietnamese culture use legends or stories to teach how capitals of countries arose or even how the country came to be.  American culture uses stories of historical to teach people how this nation came to be.  Many stories of our founding fathers are told continually throughout people’s lives.