Transcript of recorded audio
“Um, this is actually a Leland legend, that I know you’ve heard of before, but I wanted to make sure you got this one too. Um, the Leland Can Man, you know? Who um, he clicks his fingers together, and his fingers have cans on them, and he clicks them if you’re at the school past midnight, and he clicks them like louder and louder and louder. And then when he finds you and if you like, don’t leave the school he’ll like kill you and stuff. Um, I actually kind of believe in that, I’m not gonna lie, I saw some freaky shit when I was at the school once, late at night. I’m pretty sure I saw the Leland Can Man. Um, but yeah, don’t forget the Leland Can Man.”

This story is about the high school me and my friend both attended. It’s likely that it was passed along by fellow students. Although what’s interesting is that although my friend is treating it as common knowledge (which maybe it was, and I was living under a rock or something) this is genuinely the first time I’m hearing this story. I’m imagining they heard it from fellow students, but I never did. It might be because this person is far more superstitious, and into ghost stories than me. I’m usually a lot more clinical and rational, which is why it might have passed by me.

This story is part of a set of voice memos, sent by a student at UCSC santa cruz. Most of them are related to UCSC folk stories; this is the only one which is not. As stated, the requirement for this supposide creature to come out is by being at the school past midnight.

There was only one incident during high school I can remember where I found myself there past midnight. It was after getting dropped off at 2A.M. back at the school after a competition. The teacher parked us at the back and I had to walk towards the front to meet my dad. And strangely enough… I do actually remember hearing some noises. While walking the corridors, I remember hearing metallic clicking that caused me to stop and turn around. I highly doubt it was related to the strange creature, but its interesting that even without knowing it, I actually did find myself having an experience centered to this legend.