Little Burnt Face

Once there was a girl in a village. She lived with her terrible sisters who would burn her. The village called her little burnt face. She had the kindest soul.

One day the village chiefs sister told the Village that her brother the great chief was looking for a bride. That anyone who could “see” her brother he would marry.

So all the women in the village lined up one by one to see the chief who had never been seen before.

One after one, the sister would ask the women- “Do you see my brother?”

And they would reply- “yes”

She would ask then what is his shoulder strap made of-

They would reply- “with a strip of rawhide”

She asked: what does he pull his sled with

They replied with a green writhe

She knew that they had not seen her brother.

Now little burnt face decided to go meet the chief to see what the magical chief was all about.

She bathed and dressed in her best birch bark clothes and tatters moccasins.

She went to see the chief-

The sister asked: do you see my brother-

She exclaimed “yes, I see him and he is magical and amazing!”

The sister asked her the question- what is his shoulder strap made of?

She replied- A BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW! Exclaimed little burnt face

His sister asked what is his bow made of;


the sister said ” you have truly seen my brother.”

The sister took little burnt face to her wigwam where she bathed her in magical waters and all her burns disappeared. She dressed her in the best clothes and she took her seat next to the chief for all eternity.

The end.


For a more extesive verision of the story see Native American Legends: Little Burnt Face, A Micmac Legend