Lying Down

Three people in my dad’s side of the family have been killed in some way by people walking over them when they were lying down.

It’s kind of a taboo now.

That’s all I got.

We’re not overly superstitious.


Do you believe it? How does it impact you?


I don’t believe it, but walking over people is pretty dangerous/dumb to begin with, so I just tend to avoid doing it.

Maybe it’s a form of respect to those that have died in the name of saving time by walking over instead of around?
I can understand that; do you think it is in anyway linked to your cultural identity?

Yes, because my dad’s mom’s side has been pretty Irish Catholic and superstitious in general.

But my dad being an atheist, I believe, has stopped a majority of those superstitions from being passed down.

Sort of the end of the line, if you will. A cultural arbiter, placing his judgment upon the beliefs of his forefathers. Um, I dunno.
Please see my other entry on the Chinese fear of death for a better understanding of this post. The informant referenced his own parents’ upbringings as an example of why he doesn’t believe in superstition, which he ties to a belief in religion. I couldn’t believe the whole three people dying from doing something so trivial, and I really think that the informant should avoid lying down.