Informant AN is a student at USC in the cinema arts school, so she knows a lot of cinema traditions.

AN: “This one is pretty common you’ve probably heard it but Actors can’t say Macbeth and instead refer to the play as the Scottish Play. This is because they believe that the first lines of Macbeth where the three witches are chanting their spell, is an actual spell and that if you say Macbeth you’ll have bad luck. Maybe your tv show won’t get picked up, or something bad will happen to you on set or something, but basically saying the word Macbeth is taboo.

Thoughts: I’ve heard of this before and it makes sense that if something was to be taboo in the cinema world it would be Macbeth since that play is gory and spoiler alert but everyone dies in the end. I feel like every culture has something like this where doing something or saying something is taboo. However, my only question is how often to actors talk about Macbeth to be able to cause enough accidents to make future actors believe that saying Macbeth brings bad luck?