Master bedroom Superstition

If the master bedroom is over the kitchen, make sure the bed isn’t over the stove”


My informant told me that in her house, the master bedroom is located directly above the kitchen and that her parent’s bed was in a odd position in their room. I took a look and saw that the placement of the bed was awkward or not quite conservative in using the space. I asked her why her parents placed the bed in such a position and she explained to me her parent’s superstition of having the bed directly over the area where the stove was downstairs. Her parents believed that the heat coming from the stove would eventually invade into where they sleep and that could cause anger and rage. Eventually, the stove would “burn out” their marriage.


When I first heard this superstition, I thought it was very unique and clever compared to any of the ones I’ve heard before. It strangely had an effect on me and I went home to check to see if my parent’s bed was over the stove. The bed turned out to be directly above the bed and I thought perhaps that is why they cannot sleep together for long and my dad always sleeps in the guest room in the morning.