Masturbation causes blindness in men

This blatantly false urban legend is said to come from mothers who didn’t want their sons doing naughty things around the house.  Today, however, most young men are aware that this assertion is, in fact, false.  It is odd that I heard this myth from a girl as I had never heard a girl whose parents or friends had told her about this myth as a young girl.  As a boy, I had heard about it and was curious to know if it was true or not – obviously, after doing a bit of research I quickly read that it was not true.  This myth was quite funny to my informant, who thought it was strange that mothers would actually tell their sons this to keep them from “choking the chicken” so to speak (we both have our doubts as to whether mothers actually told their sons this).  My attitude towards this myth is that I am simply unsure of how it came into being, and I’m curious as to what kind of person would invent such an assertion.  It would be interesting to meet that person and see what else they told their children.