May Day

So May 1st is May Day and what you do is you pick flowers, preferably out of someone else’s yard and then you leave them on someone’s front door and you ring the doorbell and then you run away. And when they open the door, they have flowers there and it’s really cute!


So you pick someone else’s flowers and put them on a different person’s porch?

Yeah, cause that’d be fucked up to pick their own flowers.


Who taught you this?

I don’t know, I think it was my friend, Janelle, from 3rd grade and we’ve done it every May 1st since.


Do you know where she’s from or where she got it from?



And her family’s just always done it?



Have you told other people about this and do it with other people?

Yeah. I’ve done it like a lot. I haven’t done it in the last like five years, but I kind of really want to do it this May 1st.


What does this accomplish?

I don’t know. It like brightens their day and it’s like the beginning of spring. I mean, I guess it’s not the beginning of spring.


My Reaction:

I have never heard of this tradition before and I really wonder where it derives from. I am familiar with the term, “May Day.” But I know it as something completely different.