Meal – India

“On cold days we make Khichadi, which is rice and lentil with some spices. You are supposed to have it with soft rice. On a cold day, it’s a tradition to eat, it’s a light meal and is easy to eat and digest. There is also Kadhi, which is made from buttermilk, and is a warm soup. The name Kichadi refers to the entire meal of the Kichadi and the Kadhi, you can use both names, but when someone says Kichadi it is assumed that Kadhi will also be made.  I used to have this on cold days when I was small. Now I make it for my children when it’s cold, or if my kids aren’t feeling well since it’s easy to digest.”

At home, my mom makes this for me and my sister. I actually didn’t know that this was supposed to be eaten on cold days. I knew that it was a simple meal that was easy on the stomach but I hadn’t associated it with eating it on cold days. It is a meal that I enjoy eating, since it’s not made very often. Usually, whenever my mom would make Kichadi she would start to remember things about her mom and tell us how she would eat the Kichadi or how her mom would make it for her if she wasn’t feeling very well.