Mexican Salt Shaker Superstition

The informant described that it bad luck to pass salt from hand to hand. The informant explained that if need the salt, you put it on the table first and the let another person grab it. She has known this superstition her whole life because her grandmother was really into it and believed it could really have some serious effects. There wasn’t really any origin from what the informant told me but that everyone in Mexico does it.  I think this one is interesting because I’ve never heard of this being associated with bad luck, if it were in the states, I’d have a lot of it. Instead, comparatively, here it’s mainly if you drop the salt shaker and salt spills is when it’s bad luck. The informant told me there wasn’t any way to reverse what happened, unlike here, you throw salt over your right shoulder. It’s wild that a whole country does this though, and I think it speaks to the customs of this culture. The informant says that whenever she does it by accident here, she feels very uncomfortable, but it doesn’t really count since she isn’t in Mexico City.