Mike Hawk


The informant is my best friend from middle school. He has a twin sister and is older by a couple minutes. He currently works for the California Gas Company and on the side does voice overs for D.J. drops. 


Alright, so my freshmen year there was this dirty joke going around. There isn’t really a punchline but the joke continues until the person you’re talking to figures it out. So I would start a conversation with someone and say, “hey do you know Mike Hawk?” and people would usually say no. So I’d begin the joke, “yea Mike Hawk that guy is fucking huge. Mike Hawk is the biggest guy you’ll ever see”. So if you say the name Mike Hawk out loud you’ll get the joke and see that it sounds like “My cock”. Anyways I’d continue the joke until the person started putting it together in their head. Reactions usually ranged from “heeeeeeyyyyyyyy! I see what you’re doing!” all the way to “Just stop you’re stupid as fuck” (laughs) It became quite popular. I even witnessed some dumbass do it to a teacher. I can’t lie though it was fucking hilarious. The whole class was dying. When the teacher figured it out though, the kid got sent to the deans office.


Dirty jokes are often common amongst younger people. I had a good laugh from listening to my friend recall this joke. Although it is quite explicit, I can appreciate the wittiness of the joke and can only imagine the hilarious reactions he received while performing it. That’s another point I want to make as well. In order to execute the joke correctly the individual saying it needs to have a comical attitude. They can’t be monotone or boring.