Mirror Breaking

I was always terrified of breaking a mirror while growing up. Like, seven years of bad luck, right? Or… something like that. I think everyone has probably heard that one, like a black cat—just bad luck. But I think that might have been my biggest fear growing up. So irrational and weird to think about now.

M’s mom told her this superstition when she was very young, and it stuck with her her whole life. It was something she used to think about in her everyday life, until she realized it was irrational to constantly be afraid of breaking a mirror. But she always considered it better to be careful around mirrors rather than risk seven whole years of misfortune as a result.

I’ve heard about the dangers of breaking a mirror; I’m sure it’s one of the most commonly known superstitions. M just said she knew of it through her mom—I wonder if it’s a cultural thing to her family and that’s why she was so overly concerned with it.