Mr. Moon and Miss Sun

Informant is a second generation Korean. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is in her early 30s.

Folk tale as told by informant: The only one I remember is the one about the sun and the moon, something about a guy and a girl. The brother and sister that turned into the sun and the moon or something or other as they were trying to run away from a tiger that wanted to eat them. I don’t think my parents told us too many of these, if they did I don’t remember or didn’t care to listen.

I also remember reading this book as a child. After doing some research I have notice that this story has some common motifs seen in other tales like Little Red Riding Hood. And you can also apply Volk’s 31 functions to some parts of this tale. The young brother and sister are chased by a tiger that is disguised as their mother and they climb a rope that leads to the sky where they become the sun and the moon where they are safe away from the deceptive tiger.