Myth – Indonesia

“There’s this myth that there was this woman who lived in a little village, to cut a long story short she ended up falling in love with A DOG YES A DOG. but this was no ordinary dog was kinda like half wolf type thing and would turn into a dog at dusk! so ne ways he had super powers and a status like a king (when he was a human) and was put on a curse. so ran off to this remote village and met this woman in the little village. FELL MADLY In love and had a half boy half man baby with a tail and all….i remember he had a bow and arrow with him all the time.

Although my informant might not necessarily believe this, in her country of origin, Indonesia, myths like these are extremely abundant and are definitely myths as they are believed to be true. My informant in this case stated that she would never say it was not true, as like many other South East Asians, even those who have grown up in western cultures and environments. My personal analysis would suggest that this is some form of lower mythology, and particularly with lower mythology, aspects of this story may vary from person to person. Another important observation I would like to make, is that my informant, does not like to tell this story which leads me to conclude that this is probably not told for the purpose of entertainment. I am sure, like many other mythologies, there is reasoning behind this story and perhaps a conclusion so as to serve the purpose of teaching a moral. However, within Indonesia and the rest of South East Asia, the actions of wandering spirits, ghosts and mythical creatures are questioned as little as their existence themselves. What I would like to point out with a lot of South East Asian mythology is that they have lived on through generations simply because these are assumed to be true.