Myth – Singapore

The name of Singapore

Alric learned this myth in high school during a class on world geography.  The class had been studying the southeast nations and his teacher felt compelled to share the story with her students.  The myth attempts to explain the origin of the name Singapore while exploring the characteristics of the land.

According to the story, the name of the land was first established by a Malay king when he visited the island.  Upon stepping foot on the land, the king came upon a majestic creature full of grace and power.  It was roaming across the island with authority, protecting the land from foreign invaders.  The king was amazed at its beauty and magnificence and overwhelmed that such a creature existed on the land.  In his eyes, the animal was comparable to the grandiose lions that existed in the far west.  The king therefore deduced that the creature was a “singa,” or a lion, and claimed that the island would be known as Singapura, or the city of lions.

By placing such a strong and powerful meaning behind the name of the island, the myth creates a majestic and awe-inducing charm about the land.  By being a land of lions – a land of beautiful and magnificent creatures – Singapore can be seen as a high and grandiose land.  It increases the allure of the island and encourages people to come and explore the place where even the lions deemed fit for living.  Therefore, by creating an explanation for the origin of the land’s name, the myth adds to the charm and appeal of the island.