(Najkraci vic na svijetu) the shortest joke in the world

TK is my dad and he likes jokes. It was a part of his culture growing up and he always likes to have a nice laugh.


Every summer we my family and I would go to Iž for our vacation. Iž is an island in Croatia. Usually to pass time in the car on our way there we play games, tell jokes and on one of those rides he told us this one.


TK: do you want to hear the shortest joke in the world?


Me: Yes


TK: do you want to hear another one?


He heard this joke from his friend back when he was in high school. The genre of jokes he enjoys is simple, short and stupid just like this one above. For those exact reasons these kind oh jokes are funny. A joke like this one is meant to bring giggles and not full on laughter. They are usually used to pass time, in between classes, on road trips and etc.