“Students flooded Hospitality with emails to protest the reduced hours at TroGro, and Hospitality responded favorably within a week.

Kris Klinger, director of USC Hospitality, promised to hold discussions with students and administrators to determine whether or not TroGro will continue its 24/7 operations next year.”

By Rebecca Gao through the Daily Trojan

Student input is a healthy ingredient

Although the official name is for the 24 hour snack stop at USC is called Trojan Grounds, everyone at USC refers to the place affectionately as “TroGro.”  Like many things on college campuses, this name got abbreviated.  Students commonly abbreviate because our life styles are so fast paced and they are ready for things to happen immediately.  Being the internet generation, students instant message and text message their friends in short hand.  For example, people will type “brb” instead of be right back.  This slang is so common that it is expected for people to understand.  Thus, shortening names of popular locations is a natural next step.