Night Whistling

Night Whistling

G.L is one of my roommates’ mothers and I interviewed her for some folklore she has encountered or experienced.  She is Taiwanese and was born and raised in Taiwan, but she moved to California to raise her children. She thinks that it’s more beneficial to have her children study in the State but also having experience their ethnic culture. Having lived in two countries for a long period time, she had experienced two big cultural aspects of the world, so she would have a decent idea of how the Chinese and Western culture works.

A short myth G.L told was that whenever someone whistles at night, a ghost would come out and attack the whistler. G.L would occasionally whistle, but when it’s night time, and when she does, her parents would immediately shush her. G.L used to assume that it was because the parents were annoyed, but one time she asked why, because she was also annoyed by all the shushing, and her parents said that the whistling would attract ghosts.

She remembers this myth because when her parents that whistling attracts ghosts, she never whistled at night again. In addition, she also told her kids to never whistle whenever it’s nighttime.  G.L also said that in a way, she kind of believes in ghosts since she never whistles at nighttime anymore, if she doesn’t then she wouldn’t care and kept on whistling.

This myth revolves around ghosts and whistling. It would also act as a switch to allow human see object from the other world, which in this case would be ghosts.

As an Asian, I can relate because I have also been told by whistling is bad at night, but not only by my parents, but also by my friends. But either way, I still have whistled at night and not once have I seen a ghost, or maybe they’re just not visible to the human eyes. Obviously who ever believes in this would also believe that there are such things as ghosts.