Norse Mythology

We also have the story of the kraken. Ships going down at sea, was not uncommon. A lot of the Norse mythology is trying to use different creatures in order to explain different things. Mostly with nature, the power of nature. The kraken was an explanation of how ships went down. The ships go down because there’s a giant sea creature. It’s very similar to pirates of the Caribbean. They very much popularized   the idea of the kraken. And pirates too for that matter. I mean it’s interesting to think about whether my family was part of the Vikings that were raided… or the ones who raided.

Other things that’s very Norweigan is the idea of gnomes and elves. My mom has a ton of different dolls she puts out for different occasions. Some of them are really creepy. I would get nightmares from them.


  1. Were they like voodoo dolls?

Similar I guess, but not really. It’s just that there incredibly creepy. They also have giant heads. I don’t know why.

My Thoughts

            Dolls are often used in horror movies as vessels for demons. They honestly are incredibly frightening. So the fact that they put out many different kinds for different occasions is in my mind, a living nightmare. But I suppose each one has significance and a meaning. The kraken is an interesting concept. It almost reminds me of the story of the Lochness Monster. They’re both incredibly large creatures that terrorize ships at sea. I suppose Moby Dick could be added to that list, even though it was clear he was a whale, he’s still a large creature that terrorized a ship.