“nose goes”

A method of deciding who has to do a task, generally one that nobody will volunteer for. Sometimes, someone will call out, “Nose Goes!”, but often, there will be no indication that the game has started. One person will simply put their finger on their nose, and as the others notice, they will, too. The last person to have their finger on their nose loses, and has to perform whatever task or make whatever decision had been the point of contention.

Lauren learned this game pretty early in high school, at lunch. There was a system, in which one person would take up all the trays and garbage for an entire table, and generally determined who got to carry out this chore by playing “nose goes.” The game has also been called “noses” or “the nose game.”

I found it to be well-know across the country, as most everyone I have met from different states and backgrounds is also familiar with the game.

Of course, if you don’t know about “nose goes,” you will obviously be the loser, and be on the lookout for next time. It is a game about being observant, and of course, quick. This game can get pretty competitive, which may be why I have found that the game is most prevalent among teens and young adults.