One Fall

Original Script: Isang bagsak

Transliteration: ee-sang bawg-sack

Literal Translation: One fall

Smooth Translation: Everyone is in this together, and things won’t be accomplished without everyone all connected to each other.

Background: This saying was recently incorporated into one of the gestures and sayings used by USC Troy Philippines.  Members get into a circle and perform one coordinated clap whilst chanting the saying to symbolize their solidarity with each other and other members of the Filipinx community.

Context: This piece was told to me in person, during a USC Troy Philippines programming event.

This is similar to the English saying, “all for one, one for all” where it promotes the idea of solidarity amongst a group of people.  This saying is a direct reference to the political nature of Filipino history and how farmworkers needed to band together.  Created by Larry Itliong, he shared his ideas with Cesar Chavez during the Labor Movements of the 1960’s.  In this context, it is being used by a college Filipino organization in order to promote solidarity and connection between org members.  The political nature of the saying also seeps into USC Troy Philippines’ mission, as the organization also takes measures to advocate for Filipino political issues.