One good friend is better than a thousand poor ones



Primary Language- English

Occupation- USC Student

Residence- Kansas City, Missouri

Date of Performance- 4/25/16

One good friend is better than a thousand poor ones.

Quinn learned this proverb from his father when he was back home. He was having trouble with some of his friends and his dad gave him that advice. Growing up, Quinn thought his father made up the message to him a long time ago, but later learned that he had learned it from television and thought the quote was spot on. The quote is special to Quinn because he knows that even though he might lose friends, as long as he has some good friends who are going to stay for the long run, everything is going to be alright.

This proverb is usually said to teach a person a lesson or just give them advice on life. There is nothing complex about when or how to say at as long as the intentions are good.

This proverb can be seen as a way of life. I would agree 100% with it because in this generation, you can never know who to trust and how long people will stick around for and with you. A thousand poor friends can never give you the same satisfaction or feeling as having one good friend. The proverb can make somebody feel better in rough times as it did to Quinn and many others that pass it around. One sentence can be a huge change on how someone feels and looks at life. It is also easy to derive its meaning if you have any sort of common sense so everybody who listens or reads it can know what it means.