One Knight, Three Men.

One knight, three men are on a boat sailing across the ocean. In the morning, there were four people on the boat. How could this happen?

A: Someone swam up and hitched a ride.

O: But the boat never stopped so how did this happen?

A: Someone gave birth.

O: Oh my god. Three MEN?!

A: That’s all I got.

O: In the beginning, I said one KNIGHT along with three men. There were four people on the boat from the start but one was a knight.

This riddle works with its play on words to deceive its listeners. There are a number of other versions of this same riddle. One notable version involves a King and a Queen on a boat. It’s possible that in the past this particular riddle was meant to separate those who live or have lived under monarchies from those who haven’t as many of them deal with noble families. For the informant, this is a fun riddle they like to use because, considering the way it is carefully worded, they know it will confuse people.