Opening an Umbrella Inside of a Building


P-M was born in China and finsihed his middle school and high school in LA, California. He is currently studying at USC. P-M shared this piece of folklore with me after I asked him whether he know of any interesting folklore when we were chatting after dinner.

The Main Piece:

P-M: You know the umbrella one?

Me: What?

P-M: The umbrella. So, if you open an umbrella when you’re inside……

Me:You don’t grow tall?

P-M: Exactly.

Me: Why?

P-M: Uhhhhh…… It’s more of a rumor. Think of an umbrella, indoor. Like, this shit, is like a ridiculous misbelief.

Me: but why is it there? How did u learn of it?

P-M: Where it’s from, when it’s from, I dont know. I’ve heard of it from my grandma grandpa generation. But nowadays people don’t take it that seriously.


The interesting thing is that I’ve heard of this belief myself as well. I want to try and explain why there is such a folk belief. A roof sets a limit to how high one can go. An umbrella, when opened, is like a roof. With only one roof, a person can handle it, but when an umbrella is opened indoor, there comes a double roof: the roof of the umbrella and the roof of the room. The two roofs combined might limit one’s growth.