Ostrich Logic

My informant a native of Shanghai, China spoke of Ostrich logic.

“You know how ostrich like to hide their head in the sand it means your avoiding something. I use to sleep with my whole body covered and one night my dad came in [check on her] like after work and saw my head under the Q…what’s it called? Quilt… yeah a blanket. He said I was avoiding someone. Now he always says it.”

Despite learning this in school, my informant said it commonly known and stated people.

“At the time when Fan, a nobleman of the state of Jin, became a fugitive, a commoner found a bell and wanted to carry it off on his back. But the bell was too big for him. When he tried to knock it into pieces with a hammer there was a loud clanging sound. He was afraid that someone will hear the noise and take the bell from him, so he immediately stopped his own ears.

To worry about other people hearing the noise is understandable, but to worry about himself hearing the noise (as if stopping his own ears would prevent other people from hearing) is absurd.”(http://www.chinavista.com/experience/fable/fable1.html)