Twitching eyes

“When I was growing up sometimes my eyes would twitch, I know it’s weird, but anyway my mom would always tell me how if your eyelid for your right eye twitches that means something good is going to happen to you soon or like in the near future, but like if your left eye started […]

Hindu Traditions

*Note: The informant is an Indian-American student at USC. She identifies with the Hindu religion and is generally in touch with her Indian heritage, though she was born in the U.S. and is thus very Americanized. INFORMANT: “Hindus have a lot of really specific little things that we can’t do or that are considered unlucky and […]

Supersitions from New Orleans and Variants from East Asia

I was interviewing my informant about superstitions he had at home and this is the transcription of that interview: “Informant: Well, I’m Glenn and I’m from New Orleans and I’ve been there since I was a toddler. I guess a story that I know of, back home uh, whenever, there are certain things, nerves that […]