Okay so the story of Passover is… umm and interesting one. So it goes like this, there’s the jews and they live in Israel and they’re  all under the rule of the Pharaoh and they’re all commanded as slaves to build all the pyramids and they’re like “Na ah we ain’t havin’ that” so one day  Moses says that he’s gonna take his people out of  Egypt if the Pharaoh doesn’t let them free and the Pharaoh says “No you’re not” so he doesn’t, he doesn’t let them free, and Moses takes his, the people, the Jewish people in Egypt and brings them to the … umm… to the sea and then according to the story, the sea splits in half  and they walk through the middle  and then it closes after they’re all through and they escape Egypt and all of the Egyptians chasing them get drowned in the sea so… that’s a pretty not… totally… you know like a folklore story.

Eli learned the story of Passover, a Jewish festival/Holiday at Hebrew school and from his family. Being Jewish, this story is very important to Eli and his family as they had just celebrated Passover. He shared this story with me as we and another friend were talking about the Jewish religion and I asked him to share a piece of folklore with me. I enjoyed hearing him talk about the story of Passover. I was familiar with the story before, but Eli made it sound  more casual, real and humorous.

For other versions of this narrative/ritual, see The Bible (Exodus 12:1-30)