Persian Kashi proverb

The informant is a 19 year old student studying Vocal Arts at the University of Southern California.  Her heritage is Jewish and Persian and she speaks Hebrew and Farsi.  Her family maintains many of their Persian traditions from various regional-cultures in Iran.  The informant is Kashi (from Iran’s Kashan region) from her Dad’s side, while her mother’s side is from Tehran (maternal grandfather) and Komijan (maternal grandmother).  This proverb is from her paternal grandfather, who is Kashi.

Persian proverb that the informant’s grandfather (from Kashan region of Iran) used to always say when giving advice:

“Money doesn’t make you happy but there’s nothing worse than being poor”

Further information on the Kashi culture:

“The Kashis are supposed to be very stingy with money and very cautious about things, don’t like doing extreme sports or anything but are very intelligent and don’t like say anything – not don’t say anything – Kashis will never lie but they don’t tell you their secrets.  They’re very private about their affairs.  Persians especially Kashis don’t do the census.”