Pigs and Dragons

“If you dream of pigs, it means you’re going to get a lot of money.

If you dream of dragons, it means you’re going to get good luck.”

Despite being Korean, I have never heard of this before, but it makes sense to me because I know that in Asian countries, animals play a big role on our culture. In my opinion, pig means money because of piggy banks! I have no idea how pigs became the representation of money, but it does. Dragons, on the other hand, have always been a sign of power and luck in Asian countries, thus why this folk belief states that dreaming about dragons will bring luck. Irene does not really believe in this superstition, but she told me that her grandparents actually believe this to be true.

Irene Choi is a 21 year old, junior, studying Theatre Set Design. She is a friend that I have always heard about, but got close to because we took a class together. All the stories that she told me are from the Korean culture. She grew up living in the United States most of her life, so the folktales are whatever she heard and learned from her parents. She identifies herself as a second generation Korean, but tries her best to keep her identity as a Korean.