Pocono Devil


There was a kid in the mountains whose mom buried him alive. He came back to life as a demon, the Pocono Devil, with glowing red eyes. If you are out at night and see the Pocono Devil, you can’t break eye contact or else he’ll drag you into the woods and bury you alive. You have to maintain eye contact and back away from it.


At the informant’s summer-camp was a tree known as “The Ten-Year Tree”. After attending the camp for 10 years (a combined time as both camper and counselor) you would get your name etched onto a small brass plate and have that affixed onto the tree. There was one such plate, a small rusted one, that said “The Pocono Devil”.

He was told that the house of the child who had become the Pocono Devil was about a mile away from camp so he now haunts those woods and the camp.


This seems like a highly-effective tool to keep young campers from sneaking around during the night, when there may be dangerous animals lurking around. The Pocono Devil also gives the campers a piece of common lore to build a community around.