Point Vicente Lighthouse

Point Vicente Lighthouse


Informant: T.N. had a very unique upbringing in that her father was in the Air Force, which caused her family to relocate extremely often. When she was young, her younger sister tragically died of leukemia at the age of five, and her father soon died in an airplane accident. Her mother remarried afterwards to another Air Force veteran who then worked in real estate, which also led to several relocations. T.N. grew up all around the United States but spent most of her time in Tampa Bay, Florida until she moved to Indian Wells, California for her Senior year of high school before matriculating to USC. She now resides in Palos Verdes Estates, California.


“Okay. Last haunting story, I promise… This one is also brief, as I do not know too much about its history. So, the Point Vicente Lighthouse… just a couple miles down the road from both the so-called ‘haunted’ Wayfarer’s Chapel and Vanderlip Mansion… is supposed to be haunted. Apparently, at top of the lighthouse, the silhouette of a wandering ghost lady can be seen. Apparently she’s the apparition of either the wife of a light-keeper that fell to his death from the top, or from a sailor that wrecked his ship in World War II. It is rumored that the panes of the lighthouse that face the street were painted so that people would not see this wandering ghost.”


I have visited the lighthouse a number of occasions. While it is ancient, it does not seem haunted in my opinion. However, if I saw a wandering silhouette in the top of the roundhouse, I would become extremely uneasy. It is easy to explain why the glass facing the street was blacked-out: So that the light would not get in the eyes of drivers when it comes around. There is certainly merit to this haunted-legend, but I don’t really see the allure of it that many ghost-hunters are attracted to.