Informant: Maria Clara Williamson. My mom who is originally from Colombia but has lived in Mexico City for 25 years.

Informant: “In México we have Posadas. A posada is a celebration to commemorate the story of Jesus. It is the journey that Joseph and Mary took in Bethlehem. Half the people act as the inns and the rest of the people act as pilgrims. Everyone holds candles and sings. At the end of the singing there is a big party. At the party, there are traditional Mexican piñatas. The piñata has colorful peaks representing the Catholic capital sins. The party is decorated very colorfully and it is a great celebration!”



Los Peregrinos…

En el nombre del cielo,

yo os pido posada,

pues no puede andar,

mi esposa amada.

Los Hosteleros… 

Aquí no es mesón,

sigan adelante,

no les puedo abrir,

no vaya a ser un tunante.



Dichosa la casa

Que abriga este día

A la virgen pura

La hermosa María.

Entren Santos Peregrinos,

Reciban este rincón,

que aunque es pobre la morada,

os la doy de corazón.



The Pilgrims…

In the name of the heavens

I request lodging from you,

Because she cannot walk,

My beloved wife.

The Innkeepers…

This is not an inn,

Go on ahead

I cannot open up for you

In case you’re a crook.



Happy is the house

That shelters today

The pure virgin,

The beautiful Mary.

Enter holy pilgrims

Receive this haven

That although it’s a poor dwelling

I offer it to you from the heart.


Thoughts: Posadas are very traditional in Mexico. I have not attended one since middle school but I vividly remember the experience. I enjoy this celebration because it combines Joseph and Mary’s journey with a fun party. Posadas are geared more towards families but there are many people in Mexico who do not miss these posadas as it really is part of their tradition and religion.


For the full version of the song: “http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=ss&p=2111”