Possible Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sounds in Colorado

Possible Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sounds in Colorado:

A.B.: Well, this was approximately five years ago, I, we, well two sons went, and after the incident, we haven’t been since. It’s not because of the incident we didn’t go back, but it was because of my injury, I hurt my arm.

ME: Tell me about that incident, where you might have heard a Sasquatch or Bigfoot?

A.B. OK, all right. Well, I’ve been hunting for a long time, and heard different things out in the woods and wilderness. This was so different from anything I have ever heard. Probably, the closest I could simulate this to, is for example, up at Frasier Park, I once heard caged lions. They feed them, and they roar, you could hear them and you could feel the power of their roars. But early that morning, it didn’t compare to the actual, it wasn’t similar to a lion, but what’s comparable is the depth, and the velocity of the power. The power of whatever it is we heard, basically I’ll lay out what happened. It’s the first season of elk season, which is only five days long. It’s probably been October 15, 2011 or 2010. And we actually, this was the second year in a row we had been there, and everyone in the camps left because it was the last day of the season. Oh, and by the way, this is a very remote area near Craig, Colorado, and the only way to get to this area is horseback, or driving through private property on a truck, and my friend knew him and we were able to go through. There were eight other campus, and on the very last night, most others were gone. On that night, I was woken up, and I catch the tail end of this, crazy screams. My hair is standing up, and I’m listening to the tail end of this thing. I’m thinking, “Oh my God,” I was afraid, I was, I went from being dead asleep to ultra alert, just frozen trying to listen to any sound again. I was afraid to lay my head down again, and we had a big canvass Montana style tent, wood burning canvass tent. There’s probably eight of us in this tent, and my head’s against this thing, we had game bags, meat hanging on trees, elk antlers, and my son woke up, and this thing yells again. A yell isn’t really a correct description, it was a really girthy scream. It may have lasted about thirty seconds long, but I didn’t time it, and I was dumbfounded, I could not believe I heard it again. I didn’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t a mountain lion, or a coyote, coyotes are different, cackling away like that. It was freaky, the impression that it left me was this thing is pissed. One thing that went through my mind is that hunters were leaving this area, leaving carcasses around, and I was wondering if this thing was angry because all these hunters left gut sacks and all this stuff. But, I don’t know what it was. I watched all this stuff, like Finding Sasquatch on TV, and listening to recordings of screams, and yells, but it was nothing like what I’ve heard. This thing was shocking, gut-wrenching. One son heard it for sure, and another got up to use the bathroom, and he went outside. I looked outside, and I half expected other lights to be on, and as I looked around, it was a dead silence. We were close enough to other tents that I could hear others if they were talking, but it wasn’t that. It was pitch black outside, didn’t hear anything else after that, except for those two, crazy screams. I shut, shut the tent, and started walking back to my cot, and my son D. went up to use the restroom. I walked him out, as I didn’t want him to be alone for darn sure. I walked out, and he said, “Oh, I gotta take a dump.” I said no, take a leak, and get back in. You have no idea what I just heard. So he’s kinda, he did it, and I guess he really went or whatever. But he got back in after using the restroom, you know, and uh, I guess we all kinda settled down and went back asleep. It turned out being, I think it was three o’clock, 2:45 to 3:00, when this happened. And uh, for four days before that, you get pretty much a lot of hunters on this hill, and uh, we would wake up at 4:00, or 4:15 in the camp. We made breakfast for ourselves, and had a really good camp. But the only way to really get to this area also, it’s real remote, you gotta have four-wheel drive trucks, raised, and you had chains on all four tires. And you’re in four-wheel drive low, going up all these roads. And it’s pretty, it’s pretty nasty stuff. Um, the first year we did it, I could not believe we were driving up these roads. Your tires are sitting on all these ruts, otherwise you’d slide off the hills, you know, down little mountains and stuff. So it was crazy, and I still think of that.

ME: Thank you, it must have been the most intense thing you’ve ever heard.

A.B.: You’re welcome. You know, I was thinking of those owls, some of those owls make crazy sounds. But um, uh, this, those lack the, like I was telling you about those lions, when those lions roar there is a certain depth and guttural presence, and hairs stand up on your body. You’re just like, holy, what the heck was that. You know, you start rationalizing, I know it wasn’t this, it couldn’t have been that, and so on. I’ve never heard anything of the power of what we’ve heard, but you hear some of these things, like screams and stuff, and well maybe it’s close, but nothing like that.

ME: All right, thank you for those details.

A.B.: You’re welcome. This testimony recalls a possible near-encounter of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch type of beast, which was only heard, but the sounds were indeed felt that night by two or three witnesses. The sounds happened twice, and sounded completely unlike anything he had ever heard before.


A.B. goes on to describe the screams in painstaking detail, right down to the location of the hunting trip and all it’s context before that night, at some point between 2:45 to 3:00 AM. I think this experience is one of the most terrifying things that could happen to somebody. There is a genuine sense of doom, and dread that results from that. I have never heard what he described, but I believe that he heard something. Whether it was a Bigfoot type of wild animal, is unknown. The memories of the screams survive the trip, and even long after that, around four or five years later, the hunting trip is still mentioned along with the horrific sounds in the dark, Colorado mountains.