Subject: Culinary

Informant: Phillipe was born in Quebec, Canada and has two sisters and a brother. His family is originally from Quebec, therefore he grew up with french as his native tongue.  He currently studies Finance in California.

Original Script: Poutine is probably the most traditional fast-food like meal in Quebec. It consists of fries and cheese topped with gravy. It is also very affordable, which makes for an excellent late night snack after a long night.

Background information by informant: Although you can find Poutine in many other places in Canada today, the best still remains in Quebec, given that the meal originated there in the first place.

Context of performance: Quick tasty snack when you are in a hurry. Also a go to meal after a night of drinking.

Thoughts: Food is powerful because it can always bring people together. Poutine is a great example of this because it is not limited to any particular social class or group of people. It is a meal which all citizens of Quebec can enjoy and it brings them all together.