Practice – Chinese

“Its Feng Shui- which I try to follow as best I can means literally translates to wind and water I think. Feng Shui is a set of guidelines to help harmonize your life. It correlates with nature and provides for a wonderful home. I recently learned of a rule regarding single women of all sorts whether they be divorced or widowed or whatnot. The rule explains that a single woman looking for a mate should have no pictures in her house of another single woman, meaning no women photographed alone should be displayed.”

Pamela is a native Californian, though she has traveled throughout the world, and even lived for short periods in other countries like Germany and Japan, she could never leave California. Her mother was born in Arkansas and her father in Minnesota; they raised Pamela and her two brothers in the Hollywood Hills. She learned about Feng Shui from a friend she met at a class who was practicing it. “I remember inviting her over when you were really little and she physically showed me where beds should be placed and where to hang crystals.” Pamela has always looked to other cultures to aid her in her own life because she values and is interested in what other cultures do in their daily lives. She has been practicing Feng Shui for about 20 years and follows as many rules as she can ranging from how a bed is arranged in a bedroom to designing staircases in the homes she has built. As my mom, she has passed many of the Feng Shui rules on to me to better my life. “There is a rhythm to life and Feng Shui helps me harness positive energy to ensure a steady rhythm in my own life.”

My informant uses Feng- Shui everyday and likes the results that she sees from following the ancient Chinese practice. The tradition of Feng Shui has probably continued around the world because of the “correlation with nature” and the easy to follow and understand rules. My mom considers herself a “very spiritual person” and Feng Shui fits perfectly into her ideal lifestyle. Most of the people I know who practice Feng Shui or read about Feng Shui are Americans and that shows the hybridization of globalization because we have taken American lifestyles and homes and added Chinese elements that we feel improve our lives.