Profanity House

The following exchange was between myself and my friend Amy. Amy is from New Jersey. We attended middle school and high school together.

“Have you ever had any strange experiences with technology, like your laptop or phone, that you think may have been linked to paranormal activity?”

“I went to one of those profanity houses and there was one that was boarded up because a ghost supposedly lives there. It was super cold inside and gave me a weird feeling. I went in June I believe, so it was super hot outside but cold in the house. After I got home my phone didn’t work. The picture would fade down my phone into white gradually, and on the occasion I could actually open my phone, it would open apps and type randomly without me doing anything but holding the phone.”

“When you say the picture would fade down your phone into white, do you mean you would try to look at a picture you took and your screen would just go white?”

“Like the whole screen would fade to white. It would start at the top as the picture and about a fourth of the way down just fade into a white screen.”

“Do you remember where the profanity house was? Did you go with other people?”

“It was in New Jersey somewhere. I was with my sister Lisa, Cody and Louie.”

“How long were you there?”

“We were only outside the house for maybe 5 minutes max.”

“Wow. Thank you so much!”


Amy has never had any previous problems with her phone. She suspects the ghost that supposedly lives in the house has a way of disrupting technology, therefore explaining why her phone went blank.