Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise


The subject heard this proverb when he was staying abroad in Chile from his host dad. I asked him what the context of the proverb was and he said that he had slept in really late on the weekends and missed breakfast one day and his host father said this in return. I asked him what he thought it meant, and he said that those who get up early, succeed in life, while the others are too lazy. He said that he was embarrassed after hearing his host dad say this and he made an effort to get up earlier every weekend after that.

This proverb is interesting, for one reason because it is in English, and we know this because it rhymes in English, and its very rare to have something rhyme in English and Spanish (which he spoke in Chile). I have not heard this proverb in my own life, but I am sure that it has been circulated. I agree with the subject, I think that it means that those who take initiative and wake up early and start their day are more successful. I think that he was implying that the subject was being lazy, and also that it was disrespectful to miss breakfast as well. I think this proverb reminds me of the ever-popular, “early bird gets the worm,” which has basically the same meaning. Both imply that the earlier you get up the more opportunities you will have. I can see the truth behind this as well, because obviously if you are sleeping in you are letting other people who get up earlier have the chances, while you miss them.